Thank you, Robin Williams



So it seems it’s actually very easy to cry over the death of someone you never met. But Robin Williams, I knew you.

You first entered my life as Mork from Ork. You were probably the first male character I identified with as I, like many girls my age, had a pair of rainbow suspenders like you. I cannot think of any other male character who girls wanted to emulate, especially at a young age when idols like Barbie Dolls and Charlie’s Angels played such a big role. But every week you showed up, hilarious and wistful, and I loved you.

Throughout the years, we ended up spending a lot of time together. With some exceptions, movies I’ve tended to watch over and over had you in them. Whether you were the convincing wide-eyed manchild in Hook, the endearing Nanny we all wanted to befriend in Mrs. Doubtfire, the mentally ill…

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