What does it mean to have access to breast health care?

ABC - Advocates For Breast Cancer: South Africa

wordle3 (1)As you follow this blog, one of the phrases that you will see mentioned quite often is ‘access to care’.

South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world. It is a document which was written in consultation with the people of South Africa. Chapter two of the Constitution includes the Bill of Rights. It states very clearly that Everyone has the right to have access to health care services”. We explained that right here. It also states that “The state must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realisation of each of these rights.”

In other words, all people living in South Africa have the right to equal access to breast health.

The words are inspiring, but the reality is less so. We may all have the right to equal access, but we do not all…

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