The Chaotic Complexity of Cancer

ABC - Advocates For Breast Cancer: South Africa

Cancer is a complex disease { The Complicated Chaos Inside a Cancer Cell }

“There were facets of the complexity of cancer that  I thought I understood as a researcher.  But once I became a patient, it was clear how difficult it is to translate our current understanding of cancer into clinical decisions.” ~ Linda Griffith, Ph.D. (bioengineer and breast cancer survivor)

{ To watch Linda Griffith’s interview about the complexity of cancer, click here. }

Unlike TB or HIV, cancer is not just one, singular disease, with one cause and one form of treatment. FACT: There are 300+ different cancer types. If we look at just that number, we must understand that that means there are 300+ ways of detection, diagnosis, treatment, after-care and support. Additionally, adding to the complexity is each person’s unique personality, unique set of pre-existing health conditions, unique living circumstances (employment, housing, finances, transport etc.), and unique family who are also…

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