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ASLA was on hand today to help par­ents with chil­dren with dis­abil­i­ties get through the new Dis­abil­i­ty Assis­tance sys­tem. This was a very busy day at Dis­ney­land but to get your Dis­abil­i­t …

The Disneyland Guest Assistance Card HAS ENDED!

Look at the result!

The Autism Society of Los Angeles was on hand today October 14, 2013, to help parents with children with disabilities get through the new Disability Assistance system. This was a very busy day at Disneyland but to get your Disability Access service card it required a 1-2 hour wait! This is after they had to wait to park and get tickets. The cast members were very nice but really did not explain this very complicated system very well and could not accommodate parents who’s children had autism or other developmental disabilities, or other individuals with extraordinary needs.

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How this new and Not-So-Improved system works is that you start at City Hall or chamber of commerce in California Adventure. You are asked what difficulty your child has. They do not want to see any doctors notes or other documentation. They will take your child’s picture and print out a card. They will explain to you that you have to go to the kiosks that are throughout the park and you will be asked what ride you would like to go on. They will write on the card the wait time.

Today it was never less than 30 minutes more like 60 minutes. You then have to wait around for your allotted time then you can go on the ride. After your one ride is done you go back to the kiosks and get another time for the next ride.

Again you have to figure out what to do for 60 minutes before going on the ride. We figure that with this new system that the family with a child with a disability will only be able to go on four – five rides in an 8 hour day.

The feedback from the parents that we spoke to was that this is a crazy system to do with a child with autism who has a problem waiting on the best of days. Parents were exhausted , frustrated and just plain sad. It is like something has been taken from their child’s childhood that cannot be replaced. It is no longer the happiest place on earth but just another system that they have to battle. One cast member told a parent that they are going have to strategize their day at the park. Our parents do not need one more thing to strategize. Their normal life is overwhelming and full of strategizing. Disneyland was the one place that they could go that was fun for their entire family. This system is to difficult for people with developmental disabilities. We are sending Disneyland feedback from your experiences.

Continue to forward this petition please. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Another peaceful and organize rally is planned for this Saturday in Anaheim. California.


Join our discussion, get updates and find out other ways you can help here:


Thank you!

Kimberly McClain, Director and Certified Special Education Advocate McClain Advocacy http://flip.it/Z8mcY

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